One of the Best!

Ron was one of the best agents we're ever used. Ron was always on time which is important to me (living in Pahrump), handled all matters immediately, and responsed to all concerns that arose.

Local Knowledge!

Thank you for your help in the purchase of our home. Having an agent that is familiar with the area made our move to Pahrump easy. Ron's professionalism, knowledge, honesty, integrity and hard work ethics are very much appreciated and respected. Thank you again-- we love it here!

Excellent Communication Skills!

Ron has always been an effective broker and has always responded to my questions and kept me up to date on all aspects of the buying/selling.

Ron Sold us 5 Homes!

Ron has sold us total of five houses in the last nine years. He has always gone above and beyond what he needed to do, often on his own time. He always answers right away and keeps me posted at each step. I couldn’t imagine having to go through a real estate transaction without him.

Ron Made the Process Simple!

It was an awesome process, very quick and smooth. Ron Feir made it very simple.

Thanks for Everything You Did!

Thanks for everything you did for us in finding our property to retire at in the near future.

An Absolutely Excellent Job!

I owned this property for many years. Over the last 7 years I had contacted various offices and talked to relators to keep in touch with the area and the development in Pahrump. Ron Feir came across as being very sincere and honest!

Ron did an absolutely Excellent job on my lot. All of the above plus!!! This was incredibly important as I reside in the state of CA, and with his expertise I did not need to make any trips to NV to take care of this sale.. He was thorough explained everything, showed concern, advised me when needed, and he was always available no matter what!

Ron is By-Far Our Best Agent!

We have bought & sold 6 homes over the years in different states and have worked with many different agents. Ron is by far the best agent we have ever worked with. He always supports our best interests throughout the entire transaction whether we are the buyers or sellers. I would recommend Ron Feir to anybody looking to buy or sell a home in Las Vegas, especially if you're relocating from another state. Thank You Ron!

Ronald is the Gold Standard to Measure All Agents!

Ronald Feir is the best real estate agent I have ever seen, from start until close. Thank you Ron you really are the best..
Ronald Feir should be the standard to measure all real estate agents ...

Always Accessible and Willing to Talk!

I live out of state so I talked to him on the phone. He seemed very knowledgeable and was very friendly. He understood my need to sell the property. Ron was always accessible and willing to talk to me about my property. He also sent me a weekly update on my email which I appreciated.

Ron Made Selling My House Painless!

Worked with Ron when I moved to Pahrump and was very impressed with him. He always listened to what I wanted and could afford and was always readily available when I called. He was just as much of a help with this sale, in fact more so with all the Covid craziness thrown in. Ron made selling this house as painless as possible for me and I appreciated all the time he gave to my specific needs when selling and making this major move in my life (retirement and downsizing). In my many years of life I have dealt with a few realtors and would have to say that Ron was the best one! I can’t say enough nice things about this very professional and personable realtor! Your company is very lucky to have him.

Ron Was My Eyes & Ears!

Ron was there when we thought we had pool problems, he took charge and handled it for me. He did walk throughs to be sure everything was neat and tidy. He recommended a cleaning service at one point. Because I’m so far away, it was comforting to have Ron be my ears and eyes.

Ron Always Kept me Informed!

Always kept me informed as soon as anything came up. Never had to wonder what was happening. Felt very comfortable that when there was something new to report I would know right away.

I Would Definitely Recommend Ron to Family & Friends!

We understood everything regarding the process because Ron explained everything in terms we understood. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.

Ron is Very Professional!

Ron was very professional. Always on top of each step of process.

Ron Changed Our Outlook!

Ron was all that we requested in an agent and the entire experience was extremely satisfying. That's not easy to find in a real estate agent but Ron has changed our outlook on the whole business as we had an enjoyable experience and would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Your Sales Plan Went Smooth!

Thank you Ron. Your sales plan went smooth. I appreciate all you did for us! I hope the new owner happiness and that you prosper.

My Lender Recommended Ron!

I had been trying to buy a home since May, 2019, but had a bad experience. My lender then recommended Ron Feir, and from day one until closing, it was a smooth experience. Everything happened just as he said, and there were no problems at all. His professionalism and integrity were incredible, and he was always available to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend Ron and Century 21.

I've Never Seen Such a Good Realtor!

I would like to notify the Corporate offices of what I believe to be the best Realtor I have had to pleasure to work with.

His attention to his work is uncanny. He is on top of his job in every way. We have worked with him for just about a month. We came upon a home that was just about to fall through because of bad credit and was under construction. This realtor made our offer for this house right in line so when and if this house fell through, we would have the ability to sign a contract with this home. Unfortunately for the other buyers, this fell through to our benefit. Since then and if and when we asked something of the builder to enhance this new home under construction, this realtor has our requests in writing and presented to the builder.

I have not seen such good work in a realtor as of yet.

Mr. Feir has gained our trust so much so that when the home closes, we will not be at the closing and final walk through, that we will have Mr. Ron Feir take our place.

Ron is One in a Million!

EVERY OFFICE needs a Ron Feir He is one in a MILLON

We Used Ron Before!

We previously used Ronald Feir for the sale of our Las Vegas house and the new purchase of the Pahrump house. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, conscientious and certainly keeps on top of things, so we knew where in the process we were, what the forms were that we were filling out, etc. You can also reach Ronald either by phone, text or E-Mail and he is VERY quick to get back to you.

Ron is Patient & Informative!

Ron was great to work with i most diffently will recommend Ron to anyone i know looking to purchase a home or a piece of land the whole transaction went so smooth and fast i couldn’t believe it Ron was so patient and informative since this was my first land purchase Ron helped me out with all my concerns Thanks again Ron for all your help!

Ron is a Breath of Fresh Air!

Ron Feir was a breathe of fresh air everyone told me big purchases are always a hassle i would have to disagree Ron made this process so easy he answered everything question i had in a tomely manner most times i didnt even wait an hour he already had my questions answered it was amazing i couldnt expect anything more than Ron has given me throughout this process again thanks Ron

I Consider Ron my Friend!

Ron was very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. He was on top of things every step of the way. He was very helpful in pointing out other businesses that would be helpful in getting us set up in our new home. I would consider Ron to be a friend we could count on in the future for great advise

This is the Second Time I Used Ron!

Second time I used Ron and the process went off again with out a hitch. He kept me updated on every step in the process and sold my house within 1 week!

Great Job.
Thanks again.

Looking Forward to More Business with Ron!

Ron Feir was great in all aspects with my transactions purchasing my properties i look forward to doing more business with Ron in the future he was always on top of my every question i never had to wait for a answer more than 24 hrs most of the time he got back to me with in an hour or two unbelievable service and when i had to wait for the side of the purchase he keep me updated throughout the time line of whats going on without me even asking for that thanks again Ron Feir

Extremely Helpful!

Ron was extremely helpful, as we moved from the East coast and only spoke on the phone before flying out to see properties.

Best Experience After 16 Real Estate Sales!

Ron Feir was excellent!!! Nothing more we could ask for. He met all needs and expectations. 5 out of 5 stars
Every question we had he was available. We looked at a lot of houses with him and never a bad experience.
No need to deal with any other staff, he was always available
I have bought and sold about 16 houses and condos. Best experience ever.

Ron Found Exactly What We Wanted!

We were very happy with Ron. He was with us every step of the way.

As I previously stated, Ron was with us every step of the way he explained everything and was very helpful. We gave him our price range what we were looking for and he showed us exactly what we were wanted and he didn't try to pressure us to buy anything we couldn't afford. That was really appreciated.